• Touristic Inn

    Touristic Inn was my defining project during my work at “Individual Office of Architecture – Pirvulescu Adriana Viorica”. It was a very complex assignment with almost all the existing phases; from Town Planning Certificate, obtaining all the permits, Feasibility Study, Zonal Urban Plan, Building Permit, Technical Projects and Execution Details to Site Management. The building was designed with solar panels and solar cells to make it more nature-friendly or sustainable and at some point even a wind turbine was under discussion. Considering the fact that the whole terrain is bordered by trees, our main objective was to make the cabin both visible (for touristic purposes) and invisible (to preserve the natural beauty). This was accomplished by burying half of the construction in natural ground, creating non-agressive terraces and wraping the whole ensemble up with tendrils and high trees, rendering the inn transparent from certain points of views. The softwares used were: ArchiCAD, ArtlantisStudio and Photoshop  2016